Why is Interior Design Important for Office Spaces?

By: Katie Anderson
October 19,2017


In today’s world of business a good office design is paramount for both the employees of a company as well as the customers or clients that may visit there each day. Not only does the average worker spend more time in the workplace than they do at home, the environment of the office helps to set the tone that could ultimately lead to a business’s failure or success. Below is an inside look into why interior design is so important in the workplace and some steps you can take to improve your office space.

Disorganization Causes Chaos

A cluttered and disorganized office not only slows down productivity and creates stress for employees, it can also leave a negative impression when a customer or clients visit. One of the first steps to take to help improve your office space is to start by simply de-cluttering it. Discard or recycle anything that is outdated or that you no longer use or need. This should not only include unnecessary paperwork, but also old printers, computers and dilapidated office furniture.

Create a storage place for any files and items that you may sometimes need, but don’t often use. If you find that your worker’s current files and other documents tend to pile up wherever there’s a horizontal space available, develop a file system that everyone can use to maintain an organized and efficient office space.

Your Office Space Represents Who You Are and What Your Business Does

SaveAlthough there are no official rules to interior design, the office space of a business typically represents what a business does or the type of industry it is in. As an example, a law firm’s office space is usually more traditional looking, having an old world or professional look. A San Francisco startup on the other hand may choose to decorate its offices with bold colors and sleek modern furniture. When choosing a style for your office space, the purpose of the office space and the message you want to send about your business are important factors to consider.


Helps Maintain Higher Employee Retention and Productivity

According to a study by the American Society of Designers (ASID), workplace design is one of the top three factors that helps to determine an employee’s performance and job satisfaction. The study showed that 31 percent of employees who were satisfied with their jobs had an attractive workplace, while 50 percent of employees seeking jobs said they would prefer a job in a corporation that had a favorable physical workplace. As an added benefit to creating a well designed office space, employers have found that productivity levels tend to increase, while employee turnover levels decrease.

Less Sick Days and Employee Absence

Did you know that if your office space doesn’t have the right lighting and color combinations, it could actually contribute to making your employees sick? One of the most common reasons for employees using up their “sick days” is due to headaches. These headaches are typically caused by poor lighting that is either too bright or too dark. Poor lighting can also cause eye strain, decreased ability to concentrate and even depression. Using the correct illumination levels and color palette in your office space can help to eliminate these health issues and improve employee attendance.

Provides Optimization in the Use of Your Office Space

The color palette, furniture, and lighting of an office space are without doubt an important part of the interior design, but at the core of any interior design project, it is really all about space planning. An efficient interior design allows employees to optimize the available office space and use it in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, helps with productivity. Space planning takes into account your specific needs and helps you meet those requirements.

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone

As you can see, the interior design of your office space plays an important part in many of the different aspects of your business. It improves morale, increases productivity, enhances name brand, and builds customer and client confidence. If the interior design of your office space is in need of an update, remodeling the space is a valuable investment that can have a long reaching impact on your company’s future success.

Most business owners find it a daunting task to redesign their office space on their own. This is where Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants can help. Whether you are considering a simple update in color and lighting for your office space or want an entirely new design, they will work with you on a personal level to determine your individual needs, personal taste, and style.

Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants specialize in creating the proper lighting for workplaces that not only corrects illumination issues, but provides the right color temperature (whether the lighting is warm or cool) for your individual needs. In addition, we use a corresponding color palette that promotes productivity, as well as improved health. As part of the design process, you will also have access to furniture and décor that is only available for purchase through an interior designer.


Why Now is a Good Time to Remodel

There are several great reasons for starting your remodeling project now. Many furniture and lighting showrooms are offering year end clearance and closeout deals that can lower the cost of your remodel and help save you money. Contractors also typically tend to have more availability at the end of the year due to the holidays, so it is often easier to get on their schedule. Keep in mind, everyone tends to get busier at the first of the year, so by starting your project now instead of waiting you can go ahead and get on the January schedule while there are still spots available. Plus by starting your design project now, your business will receive the tax credit for 2017 instead of waiting till next year.

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