Designing Focused and Creative Spaces for Bay Area Companies


Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants work with a number of companies throughout the Bay Area looking for a redesign of their space. This could be their current business space in a long-term lease, or when they are moving into a new building.


We’ll evaluate your current or new space and create a cohesive decor that will make you and your team feel comfortable and productive. We understand that your time is valuable so our project timelines are firm, meaning we focus on management efficiency.

When Katie Anderson Design Consultants work on a “business branding of your space, we’ ll focus on:

New color palette and finishes
New lighting design
New Furniture

Throughout the commercial remodel process, we’ll determine your needs, personal taste and style. Our goal is to take your company’s brand and translate it to your boutique hotel, commercial business space or retail location.

The Commercial Design Process

In our meetings, we will discuss your options for lighting, furniture, and color palette, as well as your wants and needs. Throughout these meetings, Katie Anderson Design Consultants handle all communication with subcontractors and vendors so you can focus on your business. We take the time to understand every aspect of your company’s needs for a workspace so the finished product is an environment you and your employees will enjoy working in. We’re experts in making sure our work is also noticed by your customers and clients. 


Emphasizing Functionality in Your Office


A work space that isn’t functional has potential to cause harm to your company. Functionality includes lighting and color. The color temperature and unbalanced light illumination of your commercial business space can severely impact your employees’ productivity and health. The most common complaint and use of “sick days” are headaches. Katie Anderson Design Consultants specializes in lighting plans that include correct lightbulb illumination, color temperature and a corresponding color palette to promote productivity and improved health. These changes will positively impact your employee’s attendance and productivity. We bring options to you, saving you time from having to visit a showroom. Our exclusive design connections mean you have access to unique finds from ‘To the Trade Only’ furniture and decor vendors. These vendors provide the best quality merchandise not available to the public, they can only be purchased through an interior designer.

Commercial Interior Design Projects

At Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants, we believe in embracing your vision which makes your company unique, translating that into your boutique hotel, office, retail space or marijuana dispensary. These images represent concepts for a boutique hotel renovation in San Francisco.


Ready to Rebrand You Business Through it’s Look and Design?

All photos by Dennis Anderson of Blue Water Pictures except Marin living room by The SF Chronicle.