How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Warmer

By: Katie Anderson
February 1, 2020


In these darker winter months getting ready for work in the mornings can be uncomfortable if you have a cold bathroom.

The two factors to consider for making a cold bathroom feel warmer; psychological and physical.

For the psychological it’s the use of lighting and color.

The sunset spectrum of colors can make a room seem warmer.  Yellows, Oranges, Reds are “hot” colors.  I am not saying to use a saturated color but lighter hues that are in this spectrum support a perception of higher temperatures.  If you like blues and greens then look at the “warmer” scale of these shades.  Think Caribbean or Tropical blues and greens.

Shadows and dark areas contribute to the impression of a cooler feeling interior.  Ambient light alleviates this experience as consistent light levels “feel” warm.  If you are not sure how to do this hire a lighting designer to create a plan for you.  It always pays to get an expert when it comes to your largest asset, your home.

For the physical it is temperature and the ability to maintain a constant level of heat.  I recommend the following to create the ability to control the amount of heat you need to feel comfortable:

Replace or repair anything that causes a draft, windows, skylights and doors should seal tightly.


Invest in electrical warm flooring.  I like Warmly Yours and NuHeat products.  The units are nominal, the cost is the labor to install however, the increase in your quality of life is so much more.  They come with a timer so you can set it to turn on before you wake, giving you toasty toes rather than freezing feet first thing in the morning.

Install a towel warmer.  These can also be set on a timer so that you have a warm towel after showering or a bath.  A great luxury to start the day with.

A larger investment but also worth every penny is to install a hot water circuit pump to your water heater.  This will keep hot water circulating so that you don’t wait for the water to warm up, it is instantly hot.  You will also save money over time on your water bill from not running water down the drain waiting for the water temperature to adjust.

Any combination all of these changes will raise the temperature of your bathroom physically and perceptually, improving your quality of life and the value of your property.

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* Photo credit: bathroom designer unknown.