By: Katie Anderson
January 4, 2016


It’s the beginning of the New Year and a great time to reflect and make changes to your home or work place, creating better organization of necessities and items you love. As a designer I have had the sincere honor to enter a great number of homes and business to offer help and I can tell you that hands down, storage is the number one issue everyone has in common.

Most of us simply have too much stuff or just have not let go of what we no longer use or need. However, when we do let things go, give them away or donate there is still somehow a great lack of storage….at home and at work.

A remodel or built-in solutions for storage such as cupboards or closets are not always appropriate or the best choice depending on what needs a place in your space. Why not use a stand-alone item that is beautiful and adds style to your interior as well as a home for your personal or work items? We love this wonderful cabinet, the “ Annie Tall Cabinet” by Julian Chichester.

We usually only post items that the designer gives their design inspiration and what it means to them. Unfortunately we were not able to reach Mr. Chichester for his input and perspective on his work. However, we love this piece so much and wanted to share with you this wonderful work of functional art, not wanting you to miss out on the possibilities it may provide. The true beauty in this piece is the delicate pattern backed by a mirror surface. This creates the illusion of making any room seem a bit larger from the mirror reflection. The lovely pattern is such an unobtrusive scale that from certain angles seems that it might be part of the reflection and not on the piece itself. The effect of a large piece of furniture seeming to not take up any space at all is…well just brilliant in our opinion!