By: Katie Anderson
March 11, 2014


Spring is here! This is such a special time where the excitement of newness and change is fresh in our lives. With all this positive energy about us there is no better time in the year than now to plan for that remodel you have been thinking about and wanting for so long. We honestly think that this is exactly what tax returns are for!

They say that the kitchen is the “ heart of the house” and we agree. The preparation and sharing of food with family and friends is one of the most loving and nurturing experiences that thankfully many of us have the good fortune to share on a daily basis. However, if that“ heart” of a kitchen is a source of daily irritation from being old/outdated, not functioning well, poorly space planned etc. then you are being negatively affected which may filter into other areas of your life, carrying that irritation with you to work and personal relationships.

Studies have shown that many people report feeling much happier on a day to day basis and have improved relations with their spouses, children and co-workers after renovating the problem areas of their homes.

Our newest feature is a wonderful transformation of a kitchen we did recently (below is before, above is after) . Simple changes such as removing visual barriers (walls) and updating appliances & finishes make a great impact aesthetically and to one’ s quality of life. So this spring season contact us for a consultation. We would be honored to create a unique & beautiful design for your home or business, helping you realize your personal vision and goals for a better working environment and home life.