By: Katie Anderson
April 8, 2017


April showers bring… returns; how do you plan to use yours? Perhaps it would be a great resource to finally make a significant quality of life change by installing that bathroom or kitchen remodel you have been dreaming about since you moved into your home. Maybe you have an investment property that could use a bit more TLC. People will often pay a higher price to buy (or rent/lease) based upon appearances. Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants specializes in home remodels for kitchens and baths as well as tenant improvement to increase the owner’ s revenue and property value.

This month we are featuring another fantastic project of ours, a beautiful kitchen remodel for an investment property in Cole Valley San Francisco.

The before photo shows an unfortunately typical kitchen in a rental unit here in San Francisco. The owners wanted to update their property in order to increase the property’ s value and to attract a more desirable tenant, increasing their monthly revenue.

By investing in a quality remodel for this Edwardian flat (above right corner), being design forward rather than shopping only by price we were able to create an environment that functions in our present day culture, increasing the quality of life for any resident, their family or owner who may live there.

If you would like to make your home to better reflect your own personality or have an investment property that you would like to improve for greater revenue, attracting a higher quality of tenant then please contact us for a consultation. We would be honored to create a unique beautiful design for you and help you realize your vision for a gorgeous home environment or an excellent passive stream of income.

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Give us a call at 415-722-9124 to discuss the possibilities.