By: Katie Anderson
March 2 2017


March until April is the height of tax return season; how do you plan to use your return? Perhaps it would be a great resource to finally do that bathroom (or kitchen) remodel you have been dreaming about since you moved into your home.

This month we are featuring our own work. Katie Anderson Interior Design Consultants specializes in home remodels for kitchens and baths (throughout the entire home on every level) that are flexible; meaning that one remodel will function efficiently and maintain great beauty for decades, meeting the needs of ageing in place or rather ageing in elegance!

Katie Anderson’ s background of working in nursing homes as an aide (in her much younger years) and privately through an aide referral service gives a more sensitive and caring perspective to her interior design for our elder population.

As can be seen clearly from this after photo, this bathroom does not look like the typical ageing person’ s home. This is because we designed it to feel like a beautiful spa while incorporating many features for possible change in life challenges. The design concept we developed was to create a Roman Spa while remaining modern and appealing to a younger person as well as providing an accessible future use for the many stages of declining physical facility, every area has both safety and ease of use features. The wonderfully crazy thing about this project was that this is an investment property, the client’ s tenants tend to be older and the client might live there one day themselves. By employing us to develop this design, investing in a quality remodel, our client was able to increase their revenue by 51%. How’ s that for ageing in elegance?