By: Katie Anderson
October 13, 2011


The wonderful summer months are over and it’ s time to look forward to fall and the upcoming holidays. This is a time to look at our interiors as we will spend more time indoors and think about making a comfortable space for ourselves and our guests. This brings us to introduce you to our latest featured item; the Ceylon Chair with Ottoman by furniture artist Jiun Ho of Jiun Ho Interiors. We are always on the look-out for new interesting pieces in the furniture industry but sometimes it is the modern classics that win our hearts. The Ceylon chair is one of Mr. Ho’ s signature works and in our opinion quite a lovely piece. Its unassuming lines and comfort (we try everything out!) make this a fantastic seating choice for almost any style of interior.

Mr. Ho has had great success in his career; his furniture has been featured in many designs both residential and commercial all over the world. Being so successful makes for a very busy life, unfortunately for this reason we were not able to obtain an interview with Mr. Ho. We were however given permission to publish his biography, a small excerpt of which follows.

“Mr. Ho received his formal training in design at Chicago’ s International Academy of Design and has gone on to be influenced by his travels and one sees that influence in the way he designs. When Jiun set out to create his own brand and approach to designing, he was inspired by far-flung places like South Africa, Botswana and France. For 16 years Jiun has been designing furniture and lighting for residential interiors and hotels in the United States, Japan, China Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia. Several hotels, including the boutique hotel in Honolulu, Renew, asked him to design its entirety; everything from the branding, interiors, lighting, sheets, uniforms, etc. He was able to let his skilled imagination run wild. For Revel, a spa he designed, Jiun was nominated for Interior Design’ s Best of the Year in 2010.”