By: Katie Anderson
October 25, 2012


It’s the time of year again, fall coursing through to winter that our thoughts turn to the coming holiday season. We love this time of year for the ritual celebrations, entertaining and sharing our homes with friends and family.

One of the annual rituals that many of us face is where to seat all those wonderful people we have invited to our celebratory dinners. We have found the perfect solution with our latest featured item; the amazing Lin Table by Hellman-Chang. We have featured their work in the past and are featuring them again as they continue to surprise with innovation and beauty in all they create. This table is truly special for its unique base design. Not your standard drop leaf expansion table, the base actually changes shape as it expands. You have a different look for every size dinner party from 6 to 18! Eric Chang was kind enough to give us some insight to the inspiration for the gorgeous piece. “ Inspired by our award winning Tao Line, this contemporary piece was originally commissioned to expand from ten feet to eighteen feet. One important element that carries throughout the Tao Line is the canted edges – the perimeter edge cants inward at an angle to draw people towards the negative space. As a result, light hits off the top corners in a more dynamic way. An innovative “ interwoven” extension base system was designed by creating architecturally interesting intersections as the table is expanded.”

Hellman-Chang’ s award-winning, modern furniture line is the work of self-taught designers and lifelong friends Daniel Hellman and Eric Chang. Each unique solid-wood piece is handcrafted in their New York studio from local sustainable materials, and carries with it their passion that one’ s personal style can be rewarding and bold, and yet still comfortable and gracious for the home.