Interior Design Outlook & Trends for 2019

By: Katie Anderson
January 10, 2019


It’s another new year and the promise of many new wonderful possibilities!  I am personally very excited for the year ahead, my intuition tells me it will be one of the better years for interior design and I just can’t wait.

I am seeing some positive changes in the interior design horizon ahead and here are 5 things I am feeling quite inspired about.

Looking Design Forward for 2019

1: COLOR! The bland and characterless color schemes of beiges and grays will be banished to the past. Thank goodness! Boring colors make boring interiors, people have woken up and are asking for more vibrancy in their living space. Bold color schemes of paint, accents, artwork and furnishings, even colorful wallpaper is making a comeback.

2: CURVES! Curvy sofas, round or oval shaped tables, be gone sharp edges! Curves and round shapes create an ambiance of calm, welcome and simply feel more luxurious. On a practical note; this is especially good news for those families with young children just the right height who have discovered they can now run……into that sharp corner of the coffee table, not anymore if it is round.

3: CANTILIVER CABINETS! These are fantastic in bathrooms and powder rooms as it makes it so much easier to clean the floors. No more icky germ laden buildup along the cabinet base, just mop right underneath. Of course this is not always possible in a kitchen as most appliances still sit on the floor but depending on the space available there could be areas for this type of cabinetry in a kitchen.

4: CRAFTS! The very word has a negative connotation but I am not talking about Aunt Bee’s dried chili pepper painted Santa Clause Christmas ornaments. Crafts is a very large umbrella that covers a plethora of gorgeous hand-made art that is unique and one of a kind.  Ceramics, textiles, mixed-media to name a few.  None of it is mass produced so one is certain (if in the market) to purchase something personal and of the best quality.  There are many formal crafts exhibitions in cities all across the US.  Other great places to find these treasures are student shows at design art colleges.  These schools are a wonderful resource and your purchase goes to support a young (or older) up and coming artist along with helping the school raise money for student scholarships.

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5: QUALITY! As people start ageing out of their 20’s & 30’s they also start ageing out of throw away cheap furniture or buying the furniture set as displayed at a retailer. Creating a home with a carefully thought out selection of furnishings is an adult rite of passage. Cheap plagiarized furniture designs or “knock-offs” are no longer acceptable (they never really have been and never will be).  Quality made original designed furniture offers the opportunity to customize to your unique taste, adding greater value for creating a personal style.  Another feature of quality is that it lasts!  No need to replace worn out items every other year, winding up in land-fill.  Quality is Green!

2019 is the Year to Change How Your Home or Business Looks and Feels

Happy New Year to you all, I hope that this year brings you great health, opportunities to create and oodles of love!